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County or Municipality
1000 Central Ave Suite 310, Los Alamos, NM 87544
Grant Received County Amount
Trails+ 2021 Los Alamos County $19,300
Total Grants Awarded $19,300

LAC seeks to improve the access for equestrians, mountain bikers and hikes into Bayo Canyon trail system from the North Mesa stables trail. The existing trail is narrow and follows a steep canyon wall with minimal fall zones and it restricts access for multiple users. The desire is to widen the trail to equestrian trail standards that allow for multiple users and provide better access for youth and adults with disabilities who participate in programs with the Gifted Horse and Pony Club programs from the nearby stables. The current trail is not an option for these programs due to the technical level of horsemanship that is required to traverse it. The development of this trail to equestrian trail standards would improve the accessibility for users who may have been challenged by the narrower trail. The Bayo Canyon trail system covers 7-plus miles of the canyon floor and allows users to explore the geology, ancient history and wildlife of the area. Significant historical elements are the Lujan Road which was the earliest known road leading to the mesa on which the Los Alamos site was started. The canyon is also home to several trails built by the boys of the Los Alamos Ranch School and early Department of Defense engineers with the Manhattan Project during the development of the atomic bomb.