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Tribe or Pueblo
1212 Rio Grande Blvd NW 812 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 San Juan County $29,000
Total Grants Awarded $29,000

Make Life Skate Life (MLSL) and 4KINSHIP, two organizations with shared values and a profound commitment to empowering communities, have come together in a remarkable partnership that promises to make a lasting impact on skateboarding culture and the lives of underserved youth in New Mexico. Make Life Skate Life, founded in 2013, is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to building skateparks in communities lacking access to safe skateboarding facilities. Their mission is to use skateboarding as a tool for positive social change, fostering a sense of community, and creating opportunities for personal growth. MLSL has already completed numerous skatepark projects, transforming underprivileged areas into vibrant hubs of creativity, athleticism, and camaraderie. 4KINSHIP, is a Native lead organization rooted in a mission to serve the tribal people in the Navajo Nation. With a diverse range of projects spanning education, health, culture, and sustainability, 4KINSHIP brings a holistic approach to creating positive change within the Navajo community. Their dedication to fostering human connections aligns seamlessly with the inclusive and community-building aspects of skateboarding. The partnership between Make Life Skate Life and 4KINSHIP is driven by a shared vision of enhancing the well-being of the Navajo community through the unique power of skateboarding. Make Life Skate Life and 4KINSHIP have already began joint projects, combining their expertise to develop a free, weekly skateboarding class at the Two Grey Hills Skatepark. The skatepark is situated within a larger project, The Diné Skate Garden, operated by 4KINSHIP, which is a project of love for the community of Toadlena or rather “Tóhaaliní” (Where the Water flows Out) located in the Two Grey Hills chapter of the Navajo Nation. This is a remote community nestled in the Chuska Mountains between Shiprock and Gallup, that has no outdoor sport recreational facilities.