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7851 C 2nd St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Bernalillo County $40,000
Total Grants Awarded $40,000

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps was created in 2008 by Indigenous community leaders in the Pueblo of Acoma with the vision of bringing our Nations back to ecological and cultural well-being by engaging underrepresented Indigenous youth and young adults in conservation service programs that reconnect participants to the land, their cultural heritage, and their traditions. By partnering with local community organizations, agencies, and institutes of higher learning to create paid service and career training opportunities, personal and professional development, and pathways to postsecondary education and employment, ALCC seeks to increase the access of historically marginalized Indigenous communities to mental health resources, higher education, and high-paying culturally connected employment opportunities. This holistic and trauma-informed program design is necessary for the healing and rejuvenation of our communities, who have consistently identified cultural connection and youth engagement as a high priority. In partnership and collaboration with Tribal Administration, community leadership, and local advocacy, ALCC currently operates one office in Arizona in the Hopi Tribe and four offices in New Mexico located in Gallup serving the Navajo Nation, in Albuquerque to engage urban Indigenous youth, in the Pueblos of Acoma and Zuni, and next year will be hiring its first coordinator from the Pueblo of Isleta to begin focused operations in the community. Each of these offices are operated by staff who are members of the same communities they seek to serve and carry the local and cultural connections to ensure alignment with community values. By adapting the traditional conservation corps model to best serve its communities through local operations on Tribal land, ALCC has been able to meet participants where they are to provide healing outdoor recreation opportunities and culturally aligned programming for the next generation of Indigenous leaders.