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County or Municipality
415 Silver Ave, SW, 5th Floor, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Marketing Grant 2024 Bernalillo County $10,000
Trails+ 2023 Bernalillo County $256,962
Total Grants Awarded $266,962

Bernalillo County envisions a future marked by resilience, health, safety, and a thriving economy, ensuring a community brimming with opportunities and delivering an unparalleled quality of life for both present and future generations. The county’s mission is to embody warmth, professionalism, and outstanding public service, creating an environment where the needs of the community are not only met but exceeded. Through a commitment to excellence, Bernalillo County strives to foster a sense of belonging, providing services that go beyond expectation and contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the community it serves. Bernalillo County Open Space strives to be a dynamic network of properties with important natural or cultural resources managed to benefit people, plants and wildlife by protecting and enhancing viewsheds, water resources, wildlife habitat, cultural/historic sites, and prime agricultural land; and providing resource-based recreation and environmental education. Bernalillo County Open Space provides a wide array of venues for individuals, families, and groups to enjoy our amazing scenery through biking, hiking, picnics, educational programs, farming and more throughout the managing and stewarding of 17 properties totaling approximately 1,148 acres. The County has also had a key role in partnering for the acquisition of 4 other properties, which total 777 acres including the Valle del Oro National Urban Wildlife Refuge, the Los Ranchos Agri-nature Center and two properties owned and maintained by the City of Albuquerque in the Tijeras Canyon. Our goals include to develop environmental education opportunities and programs throughout our open space and parks system, to support community health and community-based agriculture, and to preserve both cultural heritage and public art.