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11587 Highway 180 E, Silver City, NM 88061
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Marketing Grant 2024 Grant County $15,000
Total Grants Awarded $15,000

Mission: Working with communities to advance health and social justice through innovative and effective policies and programs. Vision: Thriving communities with healthy people. More about the Center for Health Innovation Public Health History: 2007 CHI-PHI was founded, unofficially, in 2007 with the objective of developing local, regional, and national approaches to, and innovative solutions for complex and systemic health care issues. It began as a partnership with Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS), RISE (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health Coalition), University of New Mexico, University of Arizona, University of Texas, and the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association. 2015 CHI-PHI formalized and became a 501(c )3 and soon after took on programs and focus areas including: : Healthcare Workforce Programs such as Area Health Education Center (AHEC), Prevention Services in underserved counties in New Mexico from Cibola County to Dona Ana Training Programs such as UPDATE NM which provides free CMEs to licensed health care providers on issues such as pain management and prescribing Adversarial Childhood Experiences (ACEs), New Mexico Data Collaborative, and others. We have also been instrumental in many research publications, 2019 CHI-PHI was awarded the prestigious Public Health Institute designation after four years of work with a diverse state-wide committee of New Mexico health leaders to research New Mexico’s need for a Public Health Institute. We are proud to be one of New Mexico’s two public health institutes and pride ourselves on our partnership with the Center for Native Health (CNAH) at UNM. How We do the Work and Our Impact Technical Assistance/Training · We are the go-to source across multiple audiences for behavioral health related guidance, resources, research, analysis, and best practices for health and social determinants of health. Research/Program Evaluation · Rooted in our communities, and deeply familiar with local challenges specific to New Mexico and rural areas, we are experts in research and evaluation in support of program and policy development with real context. Cross-sector and Constituent Convening, Facilitating, and Management · We specialize in bringing people, organizations, opportunities, and people together to advance common goals. Providing structure, insight and support throughout every engagement and beyond. Organizational Capacity Building · We thrive on supporting our partners, gaining momentum with each engagement, which include school systems, public health organizations, Chambers of Commerce, community coalitions, higher education systems, the National Network of Public Health Institutes, Center on Wellbeing, local health and collaboratives across the state, Human Services Department, Department of Health, Behavioral Health Services Department, and many many more. Program Development and Implementation · We work with other rural Public Health Institutes as well as the State of New Mexico to research and develop programs that increase health care outcomes through systems change, and use our experience to intentionally develop programs that – while increasing health outcomes – also increase economic development and improve the lives of residents in rural places and small towns. Administrative Partner Services · We provide administrative services and mentoring to New Mexico nonprofits in need of capacity building and fiscal agency.