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County or Municipality
700 E. Roosevelt Ave., Suite 50 Suite 50, Grants, NM 87020
Grant Received County Amount
Trails+ 2021 Cibola County $25,000
Total Grants Awarded $25,000

The Quartz Hill Trail project is a 25+ mile non-motorized recreational amenity that establishes Cibola County’s first designated trail within the Zuni Mountains. The trail will provide residents and visitors access to the national forest where they will be able to engage in various forms of outdoor recreation such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, show shoeing, hunting, camping, etc. The Quartz Hill Trail will be serviced by a full-service trailhead that will accommodate for single passenger vehicles but also truck and trailer combinations. In addition to providing a quality recreational amenity for residents of Cibola County, the development of the Quartz Hill Trail will improve the economic vitality through tourism and year-round access. The development of the trail will also provide opportunities for outdoor recreation events such as scenic tours, and single/combination races within various types of trail use.