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County or Municipality
111 School of Mines Road, Socorro, NM 87801
Grant Received County Amount
Trails+ 2021 Socorro County $25,000
Trails+ 2023 Socorro County $370,020
Total Grants Awarded $395,020

The City of Socorro was incorporated in 1882. It operates under a Mayor/Council form of government. The City of Socorro is located in Socorro County adjacent to Interstate 25. It is nestled in a captivating natural environment that showcases diverse landscapes: the Rio Grande River to the east, Socorro Peak to the west, and the Magdalena Mountains to the south west. The stunning landscapes can be explored through an existing network of interconnected trails that link the city to several small communities along the river, as well as communities to the west. The Grand Enchantment Trail and Rio Grande Trail are two long-distance trails that dissect and travel along the city’s trail network. The city has successfully collaborated with federal partners like the BLM and Forest Service to maintain and expand trails and open space areas. According to the American Community Survey (2021), the city included 8,553 residents with a median age of 36.1. This makes Socorro a young city when compared with the State and Country. There are more individuals in the 10-29 age range and slightly fewer in the 30-59 age range. (Appendix Figures 1-3) Socorro is also a diverse place, with 52% of its residents identifying as Hispanic. This is similar to how New Mexicans (50%) identify, but much higher than in the rest of the County (19%). (Appendix Figures 4-6) Per capita and household incomes in the city are low. Per Capita income is only $24,092, which is 80 percent of per capita income in the State ($33,916) and almost half in the United States ($41,804). Median households’ income in the city is $45,142, versus $59,726 in New Mexico and $74,755 in the United States. These numbers suggest that the city can benefit from pinpointing economic development opportunities for residents. Considering the age distribution and location, outdoor recreation-related opportunities are a great path toward growing the economic base, household and per capita incomes, and becoming more resilient overall. Municipal services provided by the City of Socorro encompass a comprehensive array of essential governmental functions including police, dispatch, education, animal control, fire, utilities, parks & recreation, public services, and solid waste. The Tourism Department, established in 2004, is one of the newest additions to the City of Socorro. The department advertises, promotes and publicizes the area’s attractions, events, and facilities to draw tourists to the area to bolster the local economy. It partners with businesses, nonprofits, community groups and other agencies to develop tourism opportunities in Socorro and the surrounding area.