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101 E. Joy Drive, Anthony, NM 88021
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Dona Ana County $40,000
Total Grants Awarded $40,000

La Semilla is grounded in a root-cause approach to creating and supporting a more equitable and sustainable food system in the Paso del Norte region. Our values include: justice, equity, power analysis, and the respectful stewardship of land. We prioritize centering the experiences and expertise of those most affected by harmful structures and practices within the food system. We work with—and learn from—our neighbors, elders, and youth to increase educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, food access, food sovereignty, and resources. As a land-based organization, we also honor our desert ecosystem and work to challenge extractive systems that contribute to the degradation of our environment. We believe in the power of our relations and work with other organizations and advocates in transforming our food systems beyond our region. Through our six programs, we are committed to building robust relationships and creating empowering spaces for communities to grow and cook healthy and culturally-relevant food, create positive change, and foster connections. Our Community Farm serves as a production and education site guided by agroecology principles. As a space for healing and creation, the farm also hosts cultural and educational projects. Farm Fresh offers access to fresh and local produce and products by supporting and working with partner farmers and vendors, as well leading Food Safety trainings. Edible Education and Community Education are organizational pillars working within public schools and with community organizations to provide hands-on programming and resources for youth and the broader community. Both programs focus on topics related to cooking nutritious meals, culturally and historically relevant food, gardening, ancestral knowledge, and more. Policy and Community Development advocates for policies and initiatives that address the root causes of hunger and inequitable food access, and Storytelling crafts narratives that uplift community dignity and promote equity and justice in our organization, region, and food system.