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721 S. Main St., Aztec, NM 87410
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2022 San Juan County $20,000
Total Grants Awarded $20,000

Mosaic Academy prides itself on enriching the masterpiece in each child. This includes the methods of hands-on educational opportunities. Students are able to better make the connections needed if they can connect with prior experiences, apply concrete understanding and spend time in their community. In order to connect with prior experience it is critical to make connections with their world. Teachers utilize literature in conjunction with hands on experience. For our New Mexico education cycle we have explored the world with field trips to local national and state parks to connect what they are reading with their environment. Part of enriching the masterpiece in each child means building on individual strengths and needs. We have a number of students who need physical challenge. As a school we have sought a variety of ways to meet that need. Being such a small school, we have to get creative in how we do that. We have done ski field trips, running clubs, soccer clubs, scooter clubs, etc. in an effort to find ways to meet the physical demands of our students.