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101 Calle de las Espanolas, Espanola, NM 87532
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Marketing Grant 2024 Rio Arriba County $23,000
Total Grants Awarded $23,000

The Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area (NRGNHA) is dedicated to preserving Northern New Mexico’s communities, cultures, languages, traditions, and environment through collaborative partnerships, education, and interpretation, aiming to foster both community and economic sustainability rooted in the region’s rich heritage and natural surroundings. This area boasts a unique historical narrative distinct from the rest of the United States and the broader Southwest. Its trajectory, marked notably by the impactful Pueblo Revolt of 1680—an indigenous uprising—has significantly shaped Northern New Mexico’s cultural heritage. Defined by diverse Native cultures and Hispanic settlements, each with its distinct customs, languages, and legal systems, the region’s history was interwoven with the United States through military conquest, integrating a once-separate land and its people into the national fabric. Northern New Mexico’s identity hinges on the preservation of its unique cultural elements, serving as a model of cultural adaptation and emphasizing the significance of diversity within the national landscape. The establishment of the Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area in October 2006, encompassing Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, and Taos counties, culminated from nearly two decades of community-driven initiatives focused on conserving and sustaining the region’s way of life, languages, folk arts, sacred spaces, architecture, and natural landscapes. Through a close partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs, NRGNHA actively designs and implements programs aimed at fostering economic growth and development at the Los Luceros Historic Site in Rio Arriba County. This strategic collaboration empowers us to curate initiatives that not only preserve unique traditions, languages, and historical sites but also serve as catalysts for economic development. This partnership aims to create programs that showcase diverse cultural heritages while generating opportunities for local businesses, artisans, and communities. These initiatives aim to attract visitors, promote tourism, and bolster enterprises deeply rooted in the area’s cultural legacy. Our collaboration is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding Northern New Mexico’s heritage while leveraging its economic potential. By combining resources and expertise, our joint efforts create sustainable programs benefiting local communities, stimulating economic growth, and advancing our mission of preserving and promoting the region’s rich cultural heritage.