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1704B Llano St., #347, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Grant Received County Amount
Trails+ 2021 Santa Fe County $25,000
Trails+ 2022 Santa Fe County $94,077.50
Total Grants Awarded $119,077.50

Rio Grande Return is requesting $25,000 from the Economic Development Department Outdoor Recreation Division to restore the ecological integrity of a one-half mile stretch of the Santa Fe River Park and Trail by replanting native cottonwood and various willow species, which vegetation was nearly entirely washed out in the 100-year flood event of July 2018. Rio Grande Return is continuing the work of two separate replanting efforts in the Spring of 2019 and the Spring of 2021 and, based on the successes and challenges of these previous replanting efforts, will adjust planting prescriptions to better suit the specific elevation, water depth and availability and soil conditions. The Santa Fe River Park and Trail follows the river almost 10 miles from Patrick Smith Park to the new Camino Real Park at the river’s intersection with NM 599. This habitat restoration and enhancement project supports several complementary improvement efforts designed to promote the trail as one of three primary urban trail spines serving the Santa Fe area, along with the Rail Trail and Arroyo Chamisa Trail. The parkway provides open space corridors, trails for walking and exercise, a series of parks and public greenspaces, as well as a way for bicycle commuters to get to and from downtown safely. Continued investments in the trail will establish new tourist attractions, support neighboring small businesses, contribute to economic growth and enhance overall community well-being.