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400 Kiva Ct. Ste. B, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2021 Santa Fe County $12,812.50
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Santa Fe County $40,000
Outdoor Marketing Grant 2024 Santa Fe County $15,000
Trails+ 2020 Santa Fe County $5,850
Trails+ 2022 Santa Fe County $92,723
Total Grants Awarded $166,385.50

Established in 1993, the Santa Fe Conservation Trust (SFCT) is a land trust serving Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and San Miguel Counties. We own four properties and hold 109 conservation easements (C.E.) totaling over 46,000 acres of protected land. C.E.’s protect scenic views, open space, wildlife habitat, working lands, historic sites and recreational access for the benefit of the public and future generations. SFCT’s strategic plan directs efforts to expand conservation and community programs to a more diverse population of people, including underserved communities, to ensure our services are being delivered equitably and successfully. SFCT’s strategic conservation plan calls for more connected conservation areas to allow plants and animals access to habitats more suitable to their continued survival. To achieve this goal, SFCT has created an innovative funding resource, Quickstart, to cover transaction costs so we can work with a wider diversity of landowners. At the Conservation Homestead, an SFCT property near Lamy, we are teaching restoration techniques such as how to deal with erosion, reseed scarred landscapes, rejuvenate wetlands, and build resilience to combat the effects of climate change. Our community conservation programs promote strong connections to nature for children, adults and elders who face a wide spectrum of equitable access barriers. SFCT believes that everyone deserves to live in a healthy community and enjoy a connection with nature. At the Conservation Homestead, we are wrapping up the design and planning of an accessible trail with the input from the area’s disabled community. We know that not everyone can easily access trailheads and walking paths and we aim to fill that gap with this new trail. The E.P.A. recently reported that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. To ignite people’s passion for nature, we need to get people outside. Vámonos is an urban walking program that focuses on getting people of all ages and abilities outside and will be presented in this grant proposal. Passport to Trails introduces outdoor learning and exercise to 4th and 5th grade, primarily Spanish-speaking students, their families, and teachers and staff from south-side Santa Fe public schools. SFCT has a strong trails legacy and has participated in the development of 80 miles of trails in Santa Fe County over our 30-year history. Annually, we maintain 55 miles of dirt trails for the City of Santa Fe, coordinating hundreds of volunteers. Since the pandemic, trail usage has exploded, increasing the need for maintenance to keep the City’s trails safe and accessible. SFCT also has a dark skies program because light pollution is a threat to humans. plants and animals in numerous ways. We host free stargazing parties to raise awareness with the public on this issue. Through our conservation work and programs, we strive to improve public health, build community, and create the next generation of conservationists while promoting the outdoors. Our programs are inclusive, promote regional trails and connect people not only to each other, but also to nature and its health giving benefits.