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658 S. 5th Street, Santa Rosa, NM 88435
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Guadalupe County $40,000
Total Grants Awarded $40,000

Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of the Santa Rosa Consolidated School District is to provide each student with a superior education in a safe and positive climate that promotes an exemplary Academic and Career Technical Education environment, personal responsibility, and respect for self and others. Santa Rosa Elementary School has achieved a commendable milestone by being designated as a Traditional Support School, surpassing the threshold for support and improvement. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience to our students and fostering an environment conducive to their growth. Our unwavering dedication to excellence in education has marked the journey to this designation. In our efforts, we met and exceeded the criteria set for support and improvement. This recognition reaffirms our position as a school that is not only dedicated to academic success but also to the holistic development of our students. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing student outcomes, Santa Rosa Elementary is embarking on a focused path forward. We recognize attendance as a critical role in a student’s academic journey. To address this, we are developing a comprehensive NM School DASH Annual plan focusing on district attendance improvement. By identifying the specific factors affecting attendance and tailoring interventions accordingly, we are poised to impact student engagement and success. In addition to attendance, we are taking proactive steps to address our students’ social and emotional well-being. We firmly believe a supportive and emotionally nourishing environment is essential for attendance and overall school-wide performance. To this end, we are implementing a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program. This initiative aims to foster resilience, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills among our students. By nurturing their emotional growth, we create a foundation for improved attendance, increased motivation, and enhanced academic achievement. Santa Rosa Elementary’s designation as a Traditional Support School represents a shared achievement, a testament to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated educators, staff, students, and parents. We are committed to utilizing this designation as a springboard for further growth and development, with a renewed focus on attendance, SEL, and academic excellence. As we embark on this journey, we remain dedicated to upholding the values of personal responsibility, respect for self and others, and an unwavering commitment to learning.