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4760 S Highland Dr Suite 209, Salt Lake City, UT 84117
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Santa Fe County $20,000
Total Grants Awarded $20,000

SheJumps was founded in 2007 around the idea of, “If she can do it, so can I.” Our mission is to increase the participation of girls and women in outdoor activities. Partnering with nature, SheJumps creates safe, educational outdoor experiences for girls and women that nurture growth and transformation. SheJumps works to ensure a future where all girls and women – regardless of background, race, ethnicity or identity–have the confidence and skills to enjoy, appreciate, and steward the great outdoors. We deliver free and low-cost outdoor education and activity programs in 16 states across the US. The first SheJumps event in New Mexico was a climbing day in 2015 for low-income girls from the Albuquerque area, offered in collaboration with Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions. We have been consistently offering youth outdoor activity camps in New Mexico since 2021. Over the past 16 years, we’ve created more than 36,000 opportunities for girls and women to be active and experience joy in the outdoors and grown to become a community for girls and women in all walks of life with programming across the nation. With a small central team of employees, we facilitate outdoor experience programs serving 3,700+ participants annually that are led by local women who volunteer with SheJumps to deliver these programs. We provide intensive training for these volunteers through robust virtual training, mentorship, and ongoing support. Volunteers then build and implement their own local programs using SheJumps methodology and program materials. SheJumps staff provides our volunteers with detailed toolkits to make our programs come to life in their local communities. These toolkits offer step-by-step instructions for hosting activities and events fulfilling the SheJumps mission. This hyperlocal model allows us to achieve greater impact efficiently (our annual nation-wide budget this year is approximately $750K). In all our activities, we emphasize creating safe, supportive communities for women and girls to learn about and experience the great outdoors at all our events and activities. Outdoor Activity Programs include: Wild Skills -Youth Camps geared toward building life skills for girls, empowering ownership and confidence through exposure to positive adult female role models, supportive communities, and the outdoors. Outdoor Education – Our Outdoor Education programs focus on providing introductory to advanced technical skills for all abilities and endeavors in the outdoors. Community Initiatives – Our Community Initiatives are designed to help women and girls connect. Community Initiatives include Get the Girls Out and Calling Women In: Get the Girls Out – Our ‘Get the Girls Out’ program focuses on connecting girls and women in our communities with inspiring and dedicated female outdoor enthusiasts. Calling Women In – Virtual panel events that showcase career opportunities for women in the outdoor industry. Scholarships – Overall, we ensure that at least one-third of all our events are free or donation-based. For our other events, we offer no-questions-asked scholarships for youth participants with fewer financial resources that are easily accessed by parents in our event registration portal. We also offer specialized scholarship programs designed to break down barriers for women to access outdoor activities.