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2810 N Swan St, Silver City, NM 88061
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Grant County $10,000
Total Grants Awarded $10,000

This grant is being written by Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Grant County on behalf of Silver Consolidated School District in order to provide funding for HKHC driven programming. Healthy Kids Healthy Communities Grant County is part of the Healthy Kids New Mexico Program (HKHC). Poverty, social determinants of health, access, obesity and chronic diseases are completely interconnected and over 25% of children in Grant County are living in poverty. Healthy eating and physical activity are two main lifestyle choices that can help prevent obesity and reduce the burden of chronic diseases. To that end, HKHC Grant County uses a broad range of strategies and partnerships to ensure children and their families have equitable access to nutritious, preferably locally grown, food and physical activity in order to maximize their capacity for a healthy, productive life. HKHC Grant County partners with both Cobre and Silver School districts and over 25 community partners to work on a variety of in-school and out of school programming and policy work that increases low income kids’ access to healthy, nutritious food; hiking, biking and walking; and educational opportunities such as school gardens, tastings, cooking classes and more.