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626 E. Las Cruces Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88001
Grant Received County Amount
Trails+ 2023 Dona Ana County $38,700
Total Grants Awarded $38,700

The Southern New Mexico Trail Alliance (SNMTA) is 501c(3) non-profit corporation based in Las Cruces, NM. SNMTA was formed by hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers that are enthusiastic about trails and the lands where they exist. This group realized we must maintain and protect what we love, hence SNMTA was formed in 2014. SNMTA recognizes that our vision and mission cannot be accomplished by one person or one organization, but an alliance of different users, organizations, and land managers working together to improve and protect trails and lands. SNTMA is the voice and resource for trails and outdoor recreation in Southern New Mexico, West Texas, and the borderland region. As an alliance, we can connect people to the trails and in the process maintain and build these same trails and bring our community a little closer together. Vision: Connecting communities through trails and the outdoors Mission: Coordinating user groups to preserve and enhance trail and outdoor recreation opportunities in Southern New Mexico, West Texas, and the borderland region To achieve the vision and mission, the alliance will create partnerships with groups of common interest in trails, outdoor recreation, healthy living and sustainable community development. Through these partnerships; inspire, motivate, and lead communities to preserve, develop, maintain, and promote the use of trails and outdoor recreation. Provide a central resource for all things involving trails including: events, volunteer trail work, fundraising for trails, trail maps and guides, and trail, recreation and conservation policies. Foster trail use and connectivity by helping groups and the public direct trail events and link existing and new trail systems together. Through these connections and partnerships, show the links between communities and the environment around them, self powered travel, exercise, healthy living, the outdoors and quality of life. Since its founding in 2014, SNMTA has worked with federal, state, and local land management agencies, public organizations, and individual trail enthusiasts to advocate for, build, and maintain trails. Its membership includes a large group of volunteers with trail construction and maintenance experience. It has completed many new trail construction and maintenance projects on trail systems across southern New Mexico. Past goals and accomplishments found at: