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722 Isleta SW Suite A, Albuquerque, NM 87105
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2022 Bernalillo County $19,996
Total Grants Awarded $19,996

T4B has participated with many other community partners to promote outdoor access with 1) Zero Fares for buses and paratransit with the city (including videos and promoting using public transit to access outdoors) impacting more than a half million transit rider each month, 2) hosting seasonal cohorts, circles and activities connected to outdoors including biking and hiking for boys and young men of color (as well as community activities like monthly neighborhood bike rides in collaboration with community partners) from most impacted communities linked to the health – behavioral, community emotional, financial, mental, physical, spiritual wellness – including building capacity of youth organizers to plan, implement and evaluate cohorts including documenting and sharing their stories through artifacts like asset maps, collages, PhotoStory, poetry, StoryCorps, videos and zines about outdoor equity with decision makers and 3) collaborate with city, county, state and federal agencies to promote community engagement and especially decision making with most impacted communities including the recent Bike to Wherever Day where T4B advocated for additional biking stations in the International District (which ended up being one of the most popularly attended) and Westgate neighborhoods. T4B has learned in the past two years of COVID and outdoor programming and advocacy to pivot and maximum the strategies for engaging most impacted communities which have led to the three achievements but we are integrating those lessons and also successes into the current and planned work including being integrated into the proposal. This also includes a special new collaboration with Working Classroom as an outdoor hub for locating our outdoor activities that are close to the bosque and many bike lanes and trails as well as access to storage for bikes and other COVID resources and outdoor equipment.