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County or Municipality
P.O. Box 1188, Silver City, NM 88062
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Marketing Grant 2024 Grant County $15,000
Trails+ 2022 Grant County $500,000
Trails+ 2023 Grant County $85,347
Total Grants Awarded $600,347

The Town of Silver City is surrounded by amazing outdoor opportunities. Making use of this the Town has partnered with other organizations to develop bring to public use many areas with trails and open space. We are currently in the process of developing further, (with past support from ORD) many trails and spaces such as the Waterworks campus to serve the community and host Continental Divide Trail through hikers. This project is also connected to our greenways and other park/outdoor facilities in town that are current and in different stages of development. Silver City owns the majority of Boston Hill, an approximately 400 acre open space with trails system for hikers, bikers and runners. Silver City was incorporated in 1878 and has a long history of innovation and getting things done. We value our history and pursue projects to preserve our history and utilize our beautiful natural assets of this region. Some of our major accomplishments in recent years are the development of a beautiful campus at the Waterworks site and acquiring funds for renovations of the historic Rock House on this site. We have acquired legal access to parts of our trail system and improved ADA compliance in defined areas. We will begin construction on a Recreation Center in January 2024 that is connected to our greenways and the greenway plan.