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County or Municipality
660 main street NW, Los Lunas, NM 87031-1209
Grant Received County Amount
Outdoor Equity Fund 2023 Valencia County $31,890
Outdoor Marketing Grant 2024 Valencia County $14,000
Total Grants Awarded $45,890

The Village of Los Lunas takes great pride in its ongoing efforts to effect comprehensive systems change, notably through the refinement and standardization of policies and practices that align with the evolving needs of our community. Recognizing the outdated nature of previous approaches, we actively sought external expertise to enrich our perspectives and facilitate the development of modernized policies and practices. Concurrently, in collaboration with our esteemed Parks and Recreation Department, we have significantly emphasized promoting the health and well-being of individuals within our organization. We have implemented various initiatives to support personal well-being, including subsidizing employee gym memberships and complimentary access to our state-of-the-art village gym facilities. Additionally, we have established a comprehensive employee assistance program that provides accessible mental health, substance abuse, and physical health resources to our staff and their families, ensuring their welfare remains a top priority. Over the past few years, our forward-thinking Parks and Recreation Department has made remarkable strides in expanding our program offerings to meet the diverse needs of our community. Notably, we have introduced highly successful after-school and winter camp programs providing engaging and enriching local youth experiences. Recognizing the vital importance of fostering a healthy lifestyle, The Village Council has recently passed a resolution to allocate resources for expanding and funding a new gymnasium and dedicated programming rooms. Furthermore, our esteemed Open Space Division has been at the forefront of promoting environmental stewardship through various initiatives. We have made substantial progress in augmenting our outdoor adventures program, which now features multiple camps throughout the year. To further demonstrate our commitment to the environment, we have proudly introduced eight bee hives within our facilities, complemented by an educational program that seeks to raise awareness about bees’ invaluable role in our ecosystem. The Open Space Division is at the forefront of OFF-HIGHWAY Vehicle training and education within New Mexico, teaching youth and adults the laws and responsibilities of riding OHVs on public lands. In recognition of the exceptional work carried out by our Open Space Division in youth programming, we are honored to have received an esteemed accolade from a respected local nonprofit organization, further highlighting our team’s dedication and outstanding contributions. These achievements underscore The Village of Los Lunas’ unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in serving our community’s evolving needs.